Horse Bedding


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Pellet bedding is hugely beneficial for you and you horse! Our wood pellets are 100% derived from virgin soft wood with no additives so you are safe in knowledge these will not harm you or your horse if used correctly. They are also Eco and compost friendly.





Simply just adding water to the pellets will  transform them into fluffy and highly absorbent material which your horse will love. Also they will transform your routine, making mucking out much quicker and with minimal waste.

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  • Low carbon 6mm premium quality wood
  • Dust free.                                                                                            
  • Easy to handle.
  • Odour reducing.
  • Eco and compost Friendly. 
  • Available all year round.



Available from as little as a single 10kg bag or up to 10 tonnes we can cater for all needs! With delivery and unloading available. Call today for more information on 01200 440 437


We produce on site fine particle wood chip which has been trailed for horse bedding. It makes an excellent alternative for bedding or a great as mix with pellets to further bulk out your horses bed, It also makes a great chicken bed. Get a free sample with your first pellet order.




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