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Technical Information

Wood fuel – what’s all the fuss about?

The interest in renewable energy has generated much debate and many written words, often using obscure language and sometimes not giving the whole story, or providing inaccurate information.

The downloadable pdfs on this page are designed to explain clearly and accurately the reasons for using wood fuel and give some advice on how to choose the type of fuel and the appliance which best suit your needs.

There is a wide variety of wood burning devices on the market. These range from a simple space heating stove through medium sized boilers to multi megawatt heat and electricity producing boilers with sophisticated control systems. As one of the North’s leading wood fuel suppliers, we can assist you in making your choice from this range of equipment.

As a general rule the simpler, less expensive units require more supervision and intervention by the owner. They can also be susceptible to variations in fuel quality. More sophisticated equipment automatically takes care of more functions such as remote sensing and automatic ignition. It is assumed that most biomass systems are replacing fossil fuel boilers and their capabilities should at least match those of the previous equipment.

It is essential that you ensure the fuel type, the fuel store capacity and location as well as the stove or boiler are properly matched to your energy needs.

For more detailed information please download our Technical Information pdfs.

Wood chip burners  (pdf 1)

Wood pellet burners (pdf 2)

Log burners (pdf 3)

Wood fuels (pdf 4)

Energy content of wood (pdf 5)

Fuel delivery (pdf 6)

Harvesting wood fuel (pdf 7)

Glossary (pdf 8)

Environmental Policy (pdf)