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Why Wood Fuel


Wood fuel has the potential to provide a never-ending source of clean, safe energy.  In the UK, trees are harvested in such a way that the total amount of wood felled is completely replenished through the process.  The young trees absorb large amounts of CO2 as they grow, contributing to the carbon neutrality of the whole process.

With spiralling fuel costs and a potentially unreliable supply of fossil fuels such as oil and gas, many people are looking at the alternatives – and wood fuel is suitable for a range of applications.  It is easily transported, available when needed and locally produced, reducing transport costs. Financial incentives, including the Renewable Heat Incentive, are available for new installations.
Bowland Bioenergy is bringing previously uneconomic woodlands back into beneficial management, resulting in local employment, improved biodiversity and securing the future of an important local and global habitat.